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Since 2011, the NC3Rs has awarded 15 CRACK IT Challenges, with our investment growing each year from £3.5 million in 2011 to £7 million in 2013. Challenges have been sponsored by organisations that include pharmaceutical and chemicals companies, research charities and large academic institutions. Challenges are co-funded and run in collaboration with the Technology Strategy Board.

From the 2013 call, the NC3Rs funded 17 Phase 1 proof of concept studies that are already underway and we are now developing Challenges for 2014.

Have you a challenge related to the use of animals in your research area? CRACK IT could help you solve this by funding research and development and providing access to scientists from a wide range of disciplines.

CRACK IT Challenges are developed in two ways:

1.    Via an open call for challenge proposals from the scientific and business community.
2.    To support on-going NC3Rs programmes or other areas where a strategic alignment may be beneficial.

If you have an idea for a 3Rs CRACK IT Challenge and would be willing to provide in-kind contributions such as data, compounds or equipment and/or funding, please get in touch with the CRACK IT team.  Ideas from the academic and industrial sectors are welcome. Challenge proposals will be evaluated on their suitability according to the criteria described below.

Criteria: Proposals for challenges must include ideas that will either improve business processes or lead to new marketable products. The 3Rs benefit of solving the challenge must be clear.

Eligibility: Challenges can come from industry or academia. As a CRACK IT Challenge sponsor you must be able to provide in-kind contributions to support your challenge. Contributions can include access to compound libraries, in vivo studies for validation of prototypes and co-funding. See current Challenges for examples of in-kind contributions.

Schemes available: CRACK IT includes two challenge-led schemes, CRACK IT Challenges and CRACK IT Mini Challenges. We will advise on which scheme your proposal fits under. Both schemes include funding from the NC3Rs and in-kind contributions from sponsors. Click here for more information on the schemes.

Support: The CRACK IT team provides a range of support from defining your Challenge so that it engages the global ‘3Rs brain’ to publicity to connect diverse teams with expertise in the biosciences, chemistry, mathematics and engineering. CRACK IT gives you the chance to shape technologies and products in development to meet your needs as the end-user.

Register with the CRACK IT website to join our expanding CRACK IT community and have an impact on science, business and the 3Rs.

Further information:

  • The deadline for new challenge proposals is 15 March 2014, if you have an idea then please get in touch.
  • Take a look at the challenges funded in the 2011 , 2012 and 2013 competitions.
  • Read the Guide for Participants documents from the 2013 competition.
  • Contact the CRACK IT team at crackitenquiries@nc3rs.org.uk or 020 7611 2233.
  • Submit your challenge through the form on the CRACK IT website.

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