CRACK IT Solutions

A technology partnering hub to accelerate the translation of technologies with 3Rs potential ('Solutions') by helping to identify new partners and customers to use, develop and validate the technology.

Who is involved?

The Solution providers - academics or SMEs from any scientific organisation with a potential 3Rs method or technology.

The collaborators - new partners or customers identified through the hub. 

The funders - funding from the NC3Rs is available for new collaborations between Solution providers and collaborators.

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The process

  1. Submit your Solution - submit a short form describing what your Solution could be used for, the need for collaboration and the benefit to the 3Rs.
  2. Review - we will work with you to review your Solution, the technology and its potential uses, and to develop a pitch to maximise the chance of uptake from different sectors or fields.
  3. Promotion - your Solution will be showcased through our networks.
  4. Collaborators - choose your partners for future work and apply for Solutions funding.
Submit a Solution
Application form and guidance for Solution providers
Apply for funding
Funding is available for new collaborations identified through CRACK IT Solutions

Seeking partners


Physiomics plc is seeking partners to help calibrate their new in silico model for optimising drug treatment regimens in clinical cancer studies.


ZeClinics is seeking partners to help develop and validate a preclinical zebrafish embryo screen capable of identifying compounds with potential cardiac, hepato- and neurotoxicity liabilities in...


EBERS is seeking partners to help create physiologically and pharmacologically relevant microfluidic 3D culture models to improve basic research and drug development, and reduce animal use.

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