Apply to CRACK IT Two Phase Challenges


There is a two phase application process. Each phase has specific deliverables defined in the Challenge brief. Applicants should refer to the Guide for Participants (below) which contains detailed information on the competition.

Phase 1 applications  are assessed by a Review Panel which recommends for funding up to three projects for six month proof-of-concept studies funded by the NC3Rs. At the end of Phase 1, candidates are invited to submit a Phase 2 application and attend a 'Dragons' Den' style interview with the Challenge Panel. Up to one project is awarded a contract to deliver the full Challenge.

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2016 Two Phase Challenges competition dates

Date Activity
1 August 2016 2016 Challenges announced
8 September 2016 2016 Challenges launch event
12 September 2016 Competition opens
9 November 2016, 12pm Phase 1 application deadline
Mid-December 2016 Phase 1 applicants notified of outcome
21 June 2017 Phase 2 application deadline

Applicant eligibility

CRACK IT Challenges are run using the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) process which is supported by Innovate UK. The competition is open to any European Union (EU) body, public or private. Applications can be from single organisations or investigators or from consortia. The lead applicant must be EU based.

Applicants may already hold a grant or contract from the NC3Rs or other funding bodies for research related to the topic for which new funds are being sought, In such instances details of all relevant research funding, including that from industry, should be included in the application.

Agreements and awards

Phase 1 awards made following the Review Panel are subject to the terms outlined in the Phase 1 contractor agreement. Typically, Sponsors do not provide in-kind contributions for Phase 1. Where in-kind contributions are required it may be necessary for the applicant and Sponsor to sign an agreement before starting the proof-of-concept study. Phase 1 awardees are expected to start work on receipt of the agreement as the deadline for Phase 2 applications will not be extended.

Phase 2 awards made following the Challenge Panel are subject to the successful applicant’s organisation signing the Phase 2 contractor agreement with the NC3Rs. The NC3Rs will have an agreement with the Sponsors and an agreement is also recommended between the successful applicant and the Sponsors.

Applicants are strongly advised to read the agreements prior to applying.