Many of the global scientific, business and regulatory challenges facing the bioscience sector involve the use of animals; from the need for more efficient and effective technologies to the poor translation of animal research to humans. Radical solutions are required.

To facilitate this, the NC3Rs has launched CRACK IT, the first open innovation platform designed to support research and development which will replace, reduce and refine the use of animals (the 3Rs) and deliver advanced tools and technologies to benefit the bioscience sector.

CRACK IT has two parts:

  • CRACK IT Challenges: A competition to engage and connect the best scientific talent in identifying and developing new ideas and technologies which benefit the 3Rs. Challenges are funded by the NC3Rs and in-kind contributions are provided by sponsors to generate true collaborations between different sectors.
  • CRACK IT Solutions: A technology partnering hub for academics and SMEs to find new research partners. We work with university technology transfer offices, life science networks and SMEs to identify research and development opportunities that may spark interest from industry. Innovative ideas are showcased to the wider scientific community to accelerate translation and exploitation of new technologies with 3Rs benefits into practice.

Through CRACK IT we work with the pharmaceutical, chemical and consumer product industries, SMEs and academia to catalyse the best minds from the bioscience, chemistry, mathematics and engineering communities in defining and solving the challenges of research involving animals. Register with the CRACK IT website to join our expanding CRACK IT community and have an impact on science, business and the 3Rs.


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